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Patrizio Blandi

Owner & Coffee Roaster




 Hello my name is Patrizio Blandi

 I’m here because I am passionate about helping you as a new or causal coffee drinker or who has just bought a new coffee machine  to overcome bad and bitter tasting coffee that will spoil your lazy weekend or your daily coffee dosage.

Also I want to help you simplify the huge selection of coffee beans and find the best coffee beans to suit your style of coffee brewing and also reducing the amount of time spent trying to make good quality coffee by having the correct coffee and equipment.

I know what it is like to waste your time trying to dial in the correct coffee for the coffee machine to make that perfect cup of coffee. The huge selection of coffee beans that is now available and to be able to select the right one for your favourite brewing style. 

That is why I am here to help you to find roasted coffee beans that complements your brew method so your can start to enjoy a great cup of coffee without the need to complete a barista course.

I will also simplify the information for you about finding the correct coffee beans that complements your brewing style and I will also help you reduce your time spend on your coffee machine so you can spend more time drinking your coffee.

It wasn’t long ago that I was looking for coffee beans that had an intense aroma, that produced a thick golden crema and was full of flavour for my espresso and coffee beans that were perfect for my other favourite brew methods like Stove top, French press and drip coffee.

When I started out there were not many people that offered fresh coffee beans in small amounts for your average person compared to now with the huge amount of roasted coffee beans available and all that mambo jumbo information that goes with it.

I wanted to know what information I need to pay more attention too and what is just marketing spin and hype.

Then I discovered a way to roast my coffee fresh is the only way results with coffee that had an intense aroma, beautiful full flavour coffee but not everyone has the pleasure to roast their own coffee.

I was so passionate to make this available to more people so I decide to roast my own coffee so that more people can have access and enjoy this same experience as I did.

It hasn’t always been easy. I have run into problems like trying to eliminate bitterness, offering fresh coffee that needs to be roasted on demand depending on the orders that have to be fulfilled through out the week, consistency and quality of the roasted coffee beans to suit the different types of brew method 

Now I am roasting coffee into cycles to improve freshness for you, have invested in A grade or high quality greens coffee beans to eliminate bitterness and improve quality of the roasted coffee.

I have implemented standard operating procedures to improve quality control and taste consistency.

I was so excited I shared this my family and friends. The results were outstanding they experienced what coffee should taste like, non bitter, sweet enough to enjoy without sugar and an intense aroma that filled their house and full flavour that was a joy to drink  

 And now I want to help you to get the same results. The first step is simple just  CLICK HERE  if you want to experience my coffee.

 Patrizio Blandi

Director and Founder of Blandi Pty Ltd