Blandi Coffee Podcast: Episode 8 Ian Bersten Interview – Part 1

Blandi Coffee Podcast: Episode 8 Ian Bersten Interview – Part 1

Episode 008 | Ian Bersten Interview – Part 1



Hi there
This is my very first interview and I could not of imagined to have interviewed someone of high status in the coffee world in Australia.

This is Part 1 of 3 parts of an interview I conducted at Ian Bersten’s house. The interview part goes for approx 20min each an hour in total.

I did not edit any parts to the interview because listening to it I believe Ian had very good stuff to say and I wanted his comments certain issues not to misinterpreted or the value of what he was
saying taken away because of my editing.

Ian was very welcoming as he invited me to his home in Roseville. We roasted up some green coffee beans that I supplied to him and then sat around his kitchen and had a chat.

I believe that Ian has experience in his life what many people would dream of.

  • Collecting 1,800 pieces of antique patented coffee machines and coffee related items
  • He is also an inventor of several coffee products including a 6 minute air coffee roaster
  • He is an author of 4 books and is currently writing his 5th.
  • He was inducted into the cafetto coffee roaster hall of fame in 2012

This is all i can remember pretty sure I have missed something


Part 1 of the interview includes the following

  • we started of talking about my stove top espresso machine
  • How there is so much crap, miss information and buzz around the coffee world
  • about the myth of freezing and not freezing coffee
  • How fresh coffee can improve your drinking experience
  • Pod machine debate
  • complexity of making coffee stoping people getting expresso coffee machine
  • how coffee beans left in an automatic coffee machine coffee bean hopper ruins the coffee bean
  • start of Ian’s Career as a coffee roaster
  • travelled the world for 4 years
  • how the prices for coffee was back in the time
  • secret society of the coffee world
  • how a green coffee supplier push Ian down the stairs
  • refused to supply him




Coffee, Sex & Health: A History of Anti-coffee Crusaders and Sexual Hysteria 

Coffee Floats, Tea Sinks: Through History and Technology to a Complete Understanding 

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I hope you enjoyed Episode 8 Part 1 Of Ian Bersten’s interview

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