AeroPress Coffee Review, Is it for me?

AeroPress Coffee Review, Is it for me?

AeroPress Coffee Review, Is it for me?


I have been using Aeropress everyday for my coffee, I am on a Keto diet and I drink my coffee black now with butter and MCT oil 3 times a day.

With my busy lifestyle this has complemented my life very well, easy of use, quick and simple brew with a consistent coffee every time.

Not only that but I still get to enjoy the intense aroma that fills my house every morning and the full flavour of beautiful coffee around the world.

It has a more smooth and cleaner taste then the french press, and better tasting then my pour over.

I believe this is the best coffee maker to start your fresh coffee experience because it is cheap, not much experience required and easy of use will quickly give you a boost of confidence in coffee making.

If your from the dark side of the instant coffee world and if you wanna see what the bright side has to offer, this is the coffee maker to use.

This is also great if your looking for a change to your current brew method you will have an excellent coffee experience

It takes about the same time as instant coffee but using fresh grounded coffee that has an amazing smell and flavour compared to your boring and tasteless instant coffee, sorry but had to say that.

This is not a replacement of an espresso coffee style and far from that, it is more like an Americano, filter coffee, french press and pour over style coffee brew

The other thing I like making using the AeroPress through the Australia summer is ice coffees, it is not bitter, very clean and makes a sweet ice coffee even without sugar.


Features / Description:

⁃ The AeroPress coffee maker utilises a breakthrough in the coffee brewing process
⁃ yields the smoothest, richest coffee that you have ever tasted.
⁃ Easy to use,
⁃ Quick to make a brew
⁃ Clean and smooth taste
⁃ Portable, made from plastic
⁃ Quick and easy to clean
⁃ Can make very consistent coffee
⁃ Can be used with all sorts of coffee
⁃ Takes as quick as instant coffee
⁃ You can enjoy fresh coffee in the same time as instant coffee
⁃ Great machine to take with you travelling, on the road to work and camping



▪ Great coffee
▪ Small footprint
▪ Portable great for travel
▪ Durable
▪ Inexpensive
▪ USA made
▪ Easy To Clean, Clean up takes seconds
▪ Easy to make
▪ Quick and simple
▪ BPA and phthalate free
▪ No grit in the cup
▪ Great for ice coffees


▪ Made from plastic
▪ Makes one cup of coffee

What To Watch Out For:

Not much really, it is pretty simple only one of these brands out there so buying is not a hard.

Buying Advice:

Pretty much no need to buy anything extra what comes with the box is enough for a while and to start with

Metal filter only required if you don’t want to use paper style filter for less filtering out the oils and also great to have as back up just incase you run out of paper filters, because metal filters can be reused

Would recommend to find a place locally if possible or at least in your country in case you run out of filters and need them quickly

Brew Sample:

▪ Americano / French press / Filtered style coffee
▪ Clean and smooth coffee
▪ No sugar required (depends on the coffee use)
▪ Non bitter coffee (depends on the coffee use)

I have put a disclaimer because if you use stale old coffee and poor quality coffee beans then the bitterness and nasty aftertaste will still remain, it will contain less than other brew methods but still can not filter out crap coffee.


I can highly recommend the AeroPress for all coffee enthusiasts from the dark side, the instant coffee drinkers and from all the bright side of coffee drinkers.

I believe that this is great coffee machine making great coffee consistently and with people that are time poor that are looking to making a coffee quick, smooth, full of flavour and non biter coffee and not wanting to use instant coffee this is the machine for you.

Taking minutes to brew your coffee and less than that to clean up I love it.

It only makes one cup of coffee but it works perfect for me because it makes enough coffee for me and no wastage and I can quickly clean it up and pop it into my esky to make coffee at work.

Call To Action:

You must try this coffee maker it is amazing especially your an instant coffee drinker you will not be disappointed you can purchase this coffee maker the following places

Buy My Aeropress Now this is directly from Aeropress on Amazon which ships worldwide and you buy with confidence.