Avanti Art Deco Stovetop Espresso Maker Review

Avanti Art Deco Stovetop Espresso Maker Review



I am writing this because when someone finds out I am a coffee roaster they always ask me which coffee machine is best to buy.

I always respond to them by asking them, how much time do you have in the morning to spend for making a cup of coffee?

The answer is always, as quickly as possible, 5 minutes, not much time and then I usually refer them to start with a french press, a drip filter coffee maker or a stovetop coffee maker depending which style of coffee they prefer to drink.

Usually I hardly recommend them to buy an espresso coffee machine if they have no experience or they are new to the fresh coffee world.

A lot of people would say that an espresso coffee machine makes the best coffee.

My belief is that I don’t think that any particular brew method is better than the other because it really depends on the style you like which then makes the best coffee for you and that is important.

What is also important to you, is the convenience, amount of time required to make a coffee, how much mess it creates and the amount of maintenance required to keep the machine operating properly.


I believe that a stovetop coffee maker makes a coffee as close to an espresso machine does but obviously not the same. It is pretty close and you don’t have all the complication that comes at operating an espresso machine.

You will also enjoy the same experience when it comes to making coffee, the beautiful strong aroma from the grounded coffee and bond that is created using a coffee machine at the kitchen with your family and kids, that is a memory that will stay with me for rest of my life making coffee with my dad and waking up to the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee.

This is a perfect way to start if you are taking the next step from instant coffee and into the fresh coffee world or your just not enjoying drinking the coffee offered at cafes anymore.

Looking at buying your first coffee machine look no further, great way to start is with a Stovetop Coffee Machine and you can buy one for less than $100.


Stovetop Coffee Machine makes a similar style of coffee to an espresso coffee, when I say similar, I mean it yields a small amount of  a syrupy thickness of coffee but unfortunate without the thick golden crema, but the closest you will get without all the hassles of using an espresso machine.

You will only get crema from an espresso machine which requires amongst other things 9 bars of pressure. It is more simple to use than an espresso machine and relatively cheap than buying an espresso machine and all the headaches and skills required that comes with operating an espresso machine and not to forget all the mess you will need to clean up after you have finished making your coffee.

It makes you a decent coffee with minimum amount of effort, leaves no mess to clean up, no maintenance and a Stovetop Coffee Machine lasts forever. It is also less forgiving when it comes to getting the correct coffee grounds grind or correct amount of coffee required to make a brew.

You can not mess this up unless you completely stuff up, you can still grind the coffee too coarse or too fine that will course the machine to block up leaving you with a small amount of very sour coffee or nothing at all and blowing the pressure relief valve or making a very diluted coffee.

I have used my Stovetop Coffee Machine well over 8 years now and it still makes a great cup of coffee. A Stovetop espresso coffee machine is one of the many names out there, Moka Pot, Italian Coffee Machine, a Stove Top Espresso Maker and etc….. This is just another method of brewing a cup of coffee.


This coffee machine has no moving parts or electrical components making virtually unbreakable, it is only made up of 3 individual parts. 1. Water Tank 2. Grounds basket 3. Brew Chamber

Stove Top Parts


They are generally made from Stainless steel or Aluminium, I would highly recommend you buy a Stainless steel one which are more expensive than an Aluminium one because of many obvious reasons.

Some of the reason why Stainless Steel are better is because Aluminium is not a great material to be used with food related stuff for health reasons, they have in the past split and can blow up and will not last as long as a Stainless Steel one.

I have bought my Stovetop coffee over 8 years ago, I have taken it with me over seas travelling, camping and I use it everyday and it is as good as it was when I first bought it.


They come in different sizes for example 2 cup, 4 cup and a 6 cup. That means how much coffee it yields and when they say 2 cups it really mean 2 cups similar to an espresso shot 30ml or less per cup so a 2 cup will generally be suit for someone making coffee for themselves and one more person.

You will generally have in your house 2 stovetop coffee machines, a small one for you and your partner and a bigger one when you have guest to make it easier to make more coffee in the same time then brewing the smaller stovetop coffee machine several times to achieve the required amount you need which will take too long.


It is very easy to use and there is only 5 steps to make a great cup of coffee from a stovetop coffee machine.

The 5 Easy Steps
1. Add water to the water tank
2. Insert the grounds basket into the water tank
3. Place your desired grounded coffee into the grounds basket
4. Screw the Brew chamber to the water tank part
5. Place it on to the stove

Once the coffee is totally extracted and no more coffee comes out of the brew chamber then your ready to drink it.

You can drink it black similar to an espresso shot but not as thick and no crema or you can just add milk and have it like a latte or simply add hot water and drink it like a long black or Americano style coffee.

You don’t need much time in the morning to make a cup of coffee it takes less than 5 mins and no mess at all to clean up. If you need to make more than 2 cups of coffee it would take less time to have a bigger one at hand.


When buying a Stovetop coffee maker you should look out for a style that you like and that they carry the different size in case you want to buy a bigger one later other wise you will have different style and model for each size.

I highly recommend that you buy a coffee grinder either a hand grinder or electrical one but make sure it is a burr or conical grinder not a blade or spice grinder which will burn the coffee and will not give the same grind each time you used it. > CLICK HERE < to read my buying guide for a coffee grinder. 

Make sure you buy a stainless Steel stovetop coffee machine version not the Aluminium one.

Buy freshly roasted coffee from your local cafe or roaster, make sure it has a roast date on the bag to indicated when the coffee was roasted. > CLICK HERE < to listen to my podcast about how to find great coffee.


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