Do Coffee Beans Expire ?

Do Coffee Beans Expire ?

Do Coffee Beans Expire ?

Do Coffee Beans Expire

A simple answer would be NO coffee beans do not expire, but I would like to expand on that answer.

If coffee beans did expired they would have a “Due Date” label on the coffee bag, like on products that are perishable which means that once the date is reached you would need to be toss out because the product could make you sick or ill.

A “Best Before” label means that the product is best before that date.

These labels do not indicate when the coffee beans were roasted and label dating could vary from roaster to roaster having 6 months to 1 year from the day it was roasted.

So when you see a bag of coffee beans that has not reached the best before date does not mean the coffee is of freshness or quality, nor will it make you sick or ill it only means you will drink really horrible coffee.

The bag of coffee beans have a “roast date” label and “best before” you can easily work out how old the coffe beans are, why should you pay for old coffee when you can get fresh coffee for the same price.

Roasted coffee beans are fresh and are at peak quality and freshness within 4 weeks from the date it was roasted.

The cream, flavour and aroma is absolutely amazing and as the coffee ages it will slowly

I generally have a rule that I tell my customers and it is the triple 3 rule and if you stick to this rule you will be drinking great coffee.

  1. You should buy coffee beans within 3 weeks from the roast date
  2. The coffee beans should not be exposed to air for more than 3 hours in total
  3. When you should use your grounded coffee within 3 minutes after grinding

What to look out for when your buying your roasted coffee beans from a supplier, the packaging should clearly display the roast date, if not keep away, because a reputable coffee roaster should have no problem showing you when they roasted the coffee.

I tell my customers to buy enough coffee to last you 2 weeks, you would think I am mad for telling my customers to buy small amounts of coffee instead of bulk buying but in the end my customer get to enjoy great coffee with intense aroma and amazing flavour and keep coming back.

Next time you are going out to buy your roasted coffee beans make sure you can clearly see when the coffee was roasted and you should your source your coffee directly from the roaster to cut out the storage time and get it as fresh as you can.

Look for a local roaster which is best as they can sell you what ever size you required your local cafe will sell coffee but will only have 1 kg or 5 kg bags.

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