Instant Coffee – Not The Best Coffee In The World

Instant Coffee – Not The Best Coffee In The World

Are you paying too much for instant coffee???

YES…. you are paying $99.99 Per Kilo for instant coffee, you should be shocked but it is true. You probably haven’t taken notice because you buy one container at a time.

The other day I walked into a major supermarkets store and had a look at the coffee section. I was quite surprised at some of the prices for instant coffee. I found some major brands charging up to $9.99 per 100 grams of instant coffee. That makes it $99.99 per Kilo WOW!!! You would not even pay that for 1 kilo of the most exotic fresh coffee on this planet.

Instant Coffee Versus Fresh Coffee

What is fresh coffee?

It is coffee that has just recently been roasted or is less than 4 weeks from the date of roasting. It is green coffee bean or raw coffee that is been roasted in a special coffee roaster to a specific profile that has been created for that coffee. The end product is fresh coffee with an intense aroma, full of taste and great crema ready for you to enjoy.

How do you know when coffee was roasted?


It should be displayed on the bag somewhere “Date Roasted”, “Date Of Roast”, or words to that effect. As you can see our labels at Blandi Coffee clearly display the roasted date and batch numbers which are displayed on the back of every coffee bag we sell.

Coffee sold in supermarkets will not have roast dates displayed on the bags they usually have a “Best Before” or “Use By” dates only. This is not telling you anything but just telling you when you should discard the contents or maximum life that it is still drinkable.

Lets trace the supermarkets coffee origins from date of roasting. After roasting the coffee would have been packed into their coffee bags and then into boxes and stored until dispatched. This time is unknown could be days, weeks or months.

After an order has been issued the coffee is than shipped to the major supermarket warehouse where once again it is stored on rack in a warehouse. This sits again for unknown days, weeks or months.

Then when an order is processed it is transported to the supermarket and left on the loading dock where it sits their until it is put onto shelves for display so that customer can buy it.

This is again unknown how long it sits on  the shelve for. So as you can see that there is quite a long lag between roast and display on the shelve. This reduces the time you have to enjoy the peak times of the coffee or even has passed it that time.

The best results are getting it direct from the source, from a local coffee roaster directly or on line.

Blandi Coffee does not have stock of coffee sitting on the factory warehouse, all orders are scheduled and roasted in one batch and then shipped out to the customers.

Why is fresh coffee better?

Fresh coffee is the best way to enjoy coffee. Fresh coffee is at its peak less than 4 weeks from roasting. This is where the intensity of the Aroma, thick rich crema and full flavour is the highest and it gradually deteriorates losing all that beautiful aroma, crema and taste beyond that time still drinkable but not enjoyable.

How long does it take to make coffee using fresh coffee?

There are many brew methods that uses fresh coffee but to make coffee using a french press is the most simple and easy one.

It is very similar to making instant coffee it takes only 2 minutes longer for the coffee to brew.

Is there lots of equipement to clean?

The only difference is that you have the plunger left to clean up

What Do I Need To Get Started?

  1. Buy Fresh coffee beans from a roaster (if you do not have a coffee grinder buy grounded coffee for French press style)
  2. Buy yourself a 3 cup fresh press coffee maker
  3. Enjoy!!!

What will it cost me to get started?

A 3 Cup french press coffee maker will set you back around $34 for a Bodum one which are the best in my opinion as they can be dismantle completely and can buy a new glass if you accidental break it. Finally fresh coffee will cost you $18 for 500g (recommend 2 weeks supply of coffee per order).

If you really want to splurge you can buy a coffee grinder and they start from $100 for entry level and go up from there. Do not buy a blade coffee grinder they are cheap and nasty you should look for a bur coffee grinder.

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