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Contract Coffee Roasting

Hi Patrizio Blandi here, Contract Roasting is like having your very own private label but roasted by a multi-award winning coffee roaster.

I am the owner and the Master Roaster at Blandi Coffee. My mission and business philosophy is to maintain a quality relationship with business and people with a huge passion and motivation to promote quality coffee to the market.

My passion is working with businesses that want to innovate and be leaders in their industry.

What Is The Main Reason For Contract Roasting

If you are here and reading this, that means you are motivated and passionate about giving your customers the very best experience when they come to your business.

You are also here because you want to take control of your business and have totally responsibility for your business future and success instead of coffee companies having total control of your business.

What Is The Benefit Of Contract Roasting

Being passionate does not mean spending huge amounts of money to get what you want. Using Blandi Coffee to meet whatever your requirements may be to have the very best coffee for your business and your customers to experience the joys of beautifully crafted coffee aroma and creama.

There is no setup cost involved and you can basically start roasting your very own fresh coffee straight away without the huge cost of roasting equipment and the cost for air quality control equipment requirement for your local council and not to mention paperwork for a new development application.

Even if you had all the money in the world there is still the experience factor of using a coffee roaster machine and many years of roasting up your sleeve to achieve the very best out of the green coffee bean for blends developments.

Blandi Coffee can get you started and supply your choice of coffee bags, designing your very own coffee labels all this at a very low cost and reasonable  minimum quantity required for design printing.

We have all the experience and skills involved in making the most beautiful coffee for your clients so that you can stay focused on your business meaning less time in the business and more time for you that you can spend with your love ones and time away from the hustle and bustle of the hospitality industry.

We have a small roaster for a reason, so quality control can be maintained and manageable to handle. Also so we will not disappoint you, we manually roast the coffee and not automated with computer control.

Our Servicing Capacity

  • 10 Kg Coffee Roaster
  • 30Kg Per hour Roasting Capacity
  • Hand Packing Quality Control Available
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Coffee Bags Supply
  • Excellent and Clean Factory
  • Green Coffee Storage Avaliable
  • Delivery
  • Coffee Label Design Avaliable

Why not call me 02 8090 8120 or email me so we can discuss what best suits your needs.
P.S. I personally answer all phone calls and reply to all emails

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