Blandi Coffee Podcast: Episode 5 How To Make A Consistent Coffee Even If Your A Novice Part 4 The Milk

Blandi Coffee Podcast: Episode 5 How To Make A Consistent Coffee Even If Your A Novice Part 4 The Milk
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Episode 005 | Part  4 The Milk

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Hi there Thanks for joining me on this great episode about Milk.

I have a very interesting topic here on milk. I see a lot of attention paid to the way that milk is presented and how good the micro foam is and not enough attention is paid on the basics of handling, correct frothing temperature, sterilisation and storage of milk.

If you concentrate on this really basic tips for milk which again I concentrate on the 20% effort required that will give you 80% of results.

Tips on using the correct milk frothing pitcher jug for the different takeaway cups.

Brew up a great cup of coffee sit down and put up your feet and enjoy the episode!


This episode I dive deep into the following topics about milk;

  • Milk Handling
    • Dumping left over milk
    • Rinsing the milk jug after every use
    • Avoid mixing the new milk with old milk
  • Milk Preparation
    • Overheating the milk
    • Milk curdling (normal milk and soy based)
    • Adding new milk to left over milk
    • Reheating milk
    • Storing of remaining milk for later use
  • Selecting The Correct Milk Portion
    • Correct milk jug for each cup size
    • Using separate milk jugs for each type of milk used
    • Marking the milk jugs to quickly identify the milk type
  • Milk storage
    • How long milk is left at room temperature before stored into the cool room
    • Reducing milk temperature variations
  • In this episode I will give examples and links to recommend products
    • Milk jug rinsers
    • Milk jugs for 8oz
    • Milk jugs for 12oz


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I hope you enjoyed Episode 5 – Part 4: Milk and found it and helpful for your cafe or home use.

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See you next time! and enjoy your coffee!!


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