Blandi Coffee Podcast: Episode 6 How To Make A Consistent Coffee Even If Your A Novice Part 5 The System

Blandi Coffee Podcast: Episode 6 How To Make A Consistent Coffee Even If Your A Novice Part 5 The System
Episode 6 - Systems 1
Episode 006 | Part  5 The System



Hi there,
In this podcast episode I am talking about Systems.
This is the final part of a 5 parts series and this episode brings to attention the importance even if you have absorbed what was discussed in this series you cannot implement any part of that or go forward without having systems in place to reinforce and carry out the steps correctly. It’s about creating a step by step guide that will repeated forever without constantly repeating yourself and giving chance to missing a step or giving different information each time.

I also talk about if you have systems in place it will help your business be of more value and be able to break away from the business to be able to work on the business or just take some time off.


What are systems and how to implement systems?
Systems are a step by step guide put into place so that consistency and repeatability can be achieved. If you do this it removes errors, missed steps and inconsistency.
You must lay out each step accurately to carry out each task. This system will kick in if you have to take the morning off. The place can still run without you there. It is about putting what you know in a logical step to do things properly once so that it can be repeated many times without repeating yourself and missing steps.
It is about putting in the hard work once so it can be followed thousands of times. It is about creating systems so that what you learned in the other 4 parts can be repeated without fail
This is a simple procedure guide for a typical cafe scenario

1. Arrival and Leaving Procedure
2. Opening and Closing Procedure
3. Coffee Buying and Product Buying Procedure
4. Customer orders Procedure
5. Coffee grinder setup and Maintenance Procedure
6. Coffee machine setup and Maintenance Procedure
7. Daily and Weekly Routine clean Procedure
8. Customer Service Procedure
9. Milk and food storage and Handling procedure
10. Employee procedure



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I hope you enjoyed Episode 6 – Part 5: Systems and found it and helpful for your cafe or home use.

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