Brazil – Alto Carmelo (Green Coffee Bean)


Country : Brazil
Region : Cerrado “Alto Carmello”
Processing Method : Dry Process
Drying Method : Sun Dried
Altitude : 


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2013 RHFFA Bronze Medal 25mmThis is now an award winning coffee picking up a Bronze Award in the Single Origin- Plunger category at the Royal Agricultural Society Of Tasmania .

Brazil is the world’s largest producer and exporter of coffee. From the region of Cerrado comes the “Alto Carmelo” coffee.

This is a quality high grade coffee, coffee beans are of a consistent size which have been had selected before they have been packed and the colour of the coffee bean is of similar colour meaning that coffee pickings have all been of the same maturity when picked.


The Brazil Cerrado is specially roasted for plunger and filtered style coffee brew and also excellent as a stove top coffee.


Weight 2000 g



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