Decaf 172 Cafe Series (Green Coffee Bean)


Country :
Region :
Processing Method : Dry rocess
Drying Method : Sun Dried
Altitude : 1500m + above sea level



Best Decaffeinated (Decaf) Coffee For Espresso Machines

This is a Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee this is why it is the best decaffeinated coffee for espresso machines . This process is favoured throughout the world because in addition to using no harmful chemicals, it manages to retain all of the unique varietal flavour and aroma that make “speciality coffee” so special and also why it is the best decaf coffee for espresso machines. Grown by farmers who use no synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers, organic agriculture protects the health of people and the planet by reducing the overall exposure to toxic chemicals that can end up in the ground, air, water and food supply. Choosing organic products is an easy way to help protect yourself and your family. Watch this video to get a better understanding the Swiss Water Process and how they do it without using harmful chemicals


The Swiss Water Process is so effective that is takes out 99.9% caffeine out of the green coffee bean. What makes this the best decaf coffee for espresso.Because it uses water to take out the caffeine This is a truly beautiful coffee for a decaf coffee, the process does not disturb the natural flavours that is contain in the original coffee bean before the Swiss Water Process making the coffee intense aroma and full flavour continue in the cup.

Suggested Brew Methods

This coffee is high quality and high grade standard so that it really excels in all types of brew methods but the best performing would be for Espresso machines, stove top and French press coffee.

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