Pugno Dolce (Green Coffee Bean)


Freshly roasted coffee manly used for expresso, stove top and filtered coffee brew methods




2013 RHFFA Bronze Medal 25mm

This is amazing award winning coffee which picked up a Bronze Award in the BLEND – Espresso category at the Royal Agricultural Society Of Tasmania now you can roast it yourself.

Blend 425 which is commonly known as Pugno Dolce was developed to suit cafe’s and restaurants. The requirement was to maintain consistency in quality, aroma, crema and most important the flavour.

This blend provides a thick golden crema, smooth sweet taste, coffee origin flavours and also an aroma that is quite intense.

If you are a cafe owner or a home roaster that has started of roasting and do not have a blend ready for use you can start with Pugno Dolce until you have your blend developed and tested.

Blend 425 signifies that it took 425 blends to come up with this quite unique blend. Pugno Dolce is an excellent espresso that can be enjoyed as black on its own without sugar to many peoples surprise or with milk for piccolos, Latte, Cappuccino and Flat Whites.

This freshly roasted coffee is an espresso based coffee but can be enjoyed by all various of brew style. It is a sweet blend many people are shocked how they can drink it without sugar or milk. It is a beautiful tasting coffee can be brew on a domestic espresso machine, plunger, drip, filtered or on a stove top.

This can also be enjoyed as a Turkish Style coffee just select grind to Turkish in the grind select options when you add to cart.

Weight 2000 g



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